Who We Are

Patient Connect is an international company specialising in patient support and education. Our goal is to help patients understand the importance of their medicine, how to take it correctly, and how to deal with side effects and other issues that affect compliance.

Though our partners' pharmacy and physician networks, we have a global reach of ~400 million patients. Since 2004, we have supported and empowered these patients, across numerous therapeutic areas, encouraging them to make better decisions about their health.

Our Senior Leadership Team

At the heart of our company is our Senior Leadership Team (SLT). Armed with diverse knowledge, experience and expertise, our highly qualified SLT is committed to driving our company forward.

Thomas Casdagli


Thomas joined the Board of Patient Connect in 2011. He is a Partner at MVM Life Science Partners LLP, a leading EU/US life science venture capital fund. Before joining MVM, Thomas worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers, where he qualified as a Chartered Accountant. Thomas's knowledge, and experience of business growth and development play a leading role in the evolution of Patient Connect.

Dr. Grace Lomax


Grace has been at the forefront of patient support and communications in the UK for many years. She began her career as a GP, and in 1999 founded Doctor Online: the doctors' portal on the NHS Net and most comprehensive patient information service in the UK.
Grace co-founded Patient Connect in 2004 with the aim of tackling shockingly poor medicine compliance rates across all disease areas.
Grace's clinical expertise is intrinsic to the medical foundations of the company. Her knowledge plays an essential role in the direction of individual projects.

Zoe Barker


Zoe is the Legal and Commercial Director of Patient Connect, and has many years' experience in the field of patient communications. As a City solicitor, she co-founded Doctor Online in 1999 and Patient Connect in 2004. Zoe's legal and commercial knowledge in the healthcare field ensures that Patient Connect remains at the forefront of compliance, legally, commercially and ethically.

Carol Collins

Director and Chief Commercial Officer

Carol joined the Board of Patient Connect in 2016. She is a PhD/MBA and has held strategic leadership positions in both small, private and large, public companies at Board or Executive level. With more than 30 years' experience from the service sector in pharmaceutical development and commercialisation, she brings market knowledge and business knowhow to complement and channel the innovative talent at Patient Connect.

Niki Harrop

Director and Chief Operating Officer

Niki joined the Board of Patient Connect in 2018. She is qualified in paediatric dentistry and has more than 30 years' experience in clinical research. Throughout her career she has held several senior leadership positions, helping to grow numerous successful Life Science and Pharmaceutical R&D businesses based in the US, Asia and Europe. Niki brings to the team strong leadership, a successful business track record and a commitment to improve patient compliance.

Dr Suren Samarasinghe

Head of Data, Analytics and Insights

Suren joined Patient Connect in 2009. He is a PhD and leads our technical and analytical team. He is passionate about data and analytics. With years of experience in the field, Suren is an expert at extracting insights that can then be used to improve patient care at a population level.

Steve Gore ACA

Chief Financial Officer

Steve joined Patient Connect as CFO in 2017. He is a qualified chartered accountant and prior to joining Patient Connect, he was involved with the IT/technology sector for 20 years. Prior to this, he worked across several business sectors, within both the SME environment and the large corporate. Steve is a passionate team player who constantly questions and challenges the status quo to optimise performance.

Craig Scott

Strategic Advisor

Craig joined the Board in 2012. Prior to this, and while holding the post of Vice President and Member of the Marketing Management Board at Johnson & Johnson, he launched Acuvue®, the world's first disposable contact lens. Some years prior to his role at Johnson & Johnson, Craig was responsible for re-launching Tylenol®, following the infamous cyanide capsule-tampering incident.
Craig has more recently served as President of the Catalina Health Resource division of the Catalina Marketing Corporation, which he transformed into the leading provider of point-of-dispensing communication services in the United States.
Craig's profound abilities provide firm direction to the future of Patient Connect.

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