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Improving patient adherence to diabetes treatment in the United Kingdom


  • More than 340 million people are diagnosed with diabetes worldwide
  • The number of people diagnosed with diabetes in the UK has increased to 2.9 million
  • An estimated 46% of people with diabetes do not know they have it
  • Up to 30% of diabetes patients do not take their medication well enough to benefit
  • Less than a third of those prescribed sulphonylureas and/or metformin take them correctly
  • Only 28% of people with diabetes achieve good glycaemic control.
The Challenge

The high level of non-adherence in diabetes is linked with:

  • A lack of understanding of the disease and its potential complications
  • Difficulty sticking to complex treatment regimens
  • Side effects of medication
How We Helped

Our clinical team developed evidence-based clinical messages to address specific adherence challenges in this patient group

Our UK network of 6,500 pharmacies were alerted to address this challenge

The clinical messages developed earlier were displayed on the pharmacist's screen at the point of dispensing, for them to verbalise to the patient. The digital messages changed each month and covered evidence-based drivers of poor adherence or self-management


  • Impact on dispensed volumes increased steadily from month one of the patient support programme. By month 12, growth was 28% higher in our active pharmacies compared to inactive pharmacies

  • These results suggest that the patient support programme had a significant effect on patient adherence

Impact on Dispensed Volumes

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