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Improving patient adherence to constipation treatments in the United Kingdom


Nearly 20% of the UK population are affected by chronic constipation

Rates of chronic constipation are higher in women and older individuals

For up to a quarter of the population, constipation has a significant effect on quality of life

The Challenge

  • Adherence to medications for chronic diseases such as chronic constipation averages only 50%

  • According to one survey, 22% of UK females who have chronic constipation are dissatisfied with their current treatment (Emmanuel et al (2013) United European Gastroenterol J 1(5): 375-84)

How We Helped

Our clinical team developed evidence-based clinical messages to address specific adherence challenges in this patient group

Our UK network of 6,500 pharmacies were alerted to address this challenge

The clinical messages developed earlier were displayed on the pharmacist's screen at the point of dispensing. The pharmacist then verbalised the messages to the patient. The messages changed each month and covered evidence-based drivers of poor adherence or self-management


  • The number of scripts collected by patients has increased year-on-year

  • We have seen a sustained uplift in dispensed volumes - up to 24% - in active pharmacies since the project started

Impact of support programme on Days on Therapy
(ending in 12 months)

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